Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Waterbury, Connecticut

These billboards have suddenly been popping up all over. This new product strikes me as so gross that it makes actual donuts seem almost like health food.

As always, you can click on the picture for a much larger view.


TJP said...

Good grief, they're Snausages for humans. No thanks. < plays dead >

lyle said...

better living through better chemistry.....but I have to ask, are the billboards you are seeing pushing the same type of product or do they run the whole range of donuts to lexus?

Carl said...

Lyle, I meant that I'm suddenly seeing this particular billboard. Connecticut has relatively few billboards—it's not the outdoor advertising industry's favorite place. Another quirk is that the few billboards there are in a given area often show mostly the same two or three ads at any given time.

Tyler Monson said...

I remember eating corn dogs at the Nebraska State Fair, and enjoying them. Of course I was younger then, and bullet-proof, and that was only one day a year.

[See Wikipedia entry for "corn dogs".]

Then there has always been 'pigs in a blanket' on café menus: sausage rolled up in a pancake. But you put syrup on it and eat it with a fork.

Police take notice—I'll eat least once.