Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Bike, Horse, and More

Montreal, Quebec, Canada


cj goad ~ photography said...

Nice to see you were up in my country Carl.Quebec is nice but their politics are a bit strange.We're still laughing out here in the west over their voting in so many of the NDP.I feel a bit sorry for Jack as that is really going to come back and bite him.Anyway that was the most interesting federal election in my lifetime.

Carl Weese said...

How interesting, CJ. We were there to spend a couple of days with my wife's second cousin, who is French, but works and lives in Switzerland, and came to Canada for a vacation with a group of friends but we set it up to have a couple of days to be together with her in Montreal before the start of that.

We were aware of the election. Some Americans realize that Canadian events matter. But I was delighted at all the subject matter the election day provided. It will show up here.

cj goad ~ photography said...

Thanks for the reply Carl.I just wish more Canadians would realize that American events matter.The anti-American rhetoric from some of the political left up here I find really annoying but they've been singing that tune for many years now.Heard a bit of it in the recent dust up.By the way I like the photo and look forward to more.