Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Field of Flags

Southbury, Connecticut

Hmm, separation of Church and State?


Markus Spring said...

So this is in front of a church, I guess. Well, this separation seems to be a project of past - from a European perspective it looks like a lot of American politicians have instrumentalized and still do abuse religion for their own purposes.

Rich Gift Of Lins said...

I have never seen anything like this. Out of interest, what is it done for and by whom?

Carl Weese said...

Markus, that's true, but also fundamentalist religious elements are abusing the political system to try to impose their radical beliefs on everyone else.

Colin, the display is certainly some kind of "Support the Troops" effort. I did not go all the way up to the church building to read the sign, which might have given some detail. It's likely that the exact number of flags used has a specific significance.

jak said...

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