Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Metro North

New York, New York

Evening train ride.

Westchester County, New York

Westchester County, New York


lyle said...

Nice work. I tried some 'from the train' on a recent trip chasing Ansel around DC. All I got was blurred poles! Concerning our discussion on Saturday night about the cameras different modes (aperture, shutter, etc), what were you using here?

Carl Weese said...

Aperture, Program, Shutter...I was experimenting. Shutter priority at 1/160th with auto ISO enabled seemed to do the best in this fairly dark early rainy evening conditions.

The big problem was focus. AF wants to focus on the window, especially if there are raindrops on it to grab its attention. Switching from Multi-Point to Single Center point helped a little, but didn't reliably go for the scene outside. In the two weeks I've had the camera I'd yet to experiment with MF, and didn't even reallize that it is no longer a main button function (the AF button on the back controller only lets you choose which type of AF you want, the manual option included on the GF1 has been dropped).

I had to rummage around to find the menu control to switch to MF, then to switch of "assist" which goes to a 4X mag view when you try to focus--probably great for stationary subjects but unmanageable here. Since MF is actually quite feasible with the high resolution built-in EVF, I may see if I can set up one of the Custom Mode positions on the main dial to give immediate access to MF instead of dealing with the menu system.