Thursday, May 10, 2012

Carmel Hill

Bethlehem, Connecticut

Had to work out some kinks in processing 7x17" negatives from a batch of film I've had in the freezer for years. Somehow the way the film was cut has left the identification notches so rough that they scratch the next negative in the stack. An annoying and elaborate agitation handling pattern that prevented scratches caused some mottling of tone in smooth areas like skies, and that could only be avoided by developing just two sheets at a time, which is torture. So I bought a very sharp pair of scissors, shot a set of stormy-weather pictures yesterday, and this morning developed them as a normal stack of six sheets, but cutting the notches-corner of the film away (in the dark, of course) as I moved the sheets from the film holders to a download film box. No scratches, no mottling.

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