Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Manchester, Connecticut

Back on January 16, I took a chance on forecasts of advancing winter storm weather with temperatures that were enough above freezing to allow me to last for more than a few minutes of walkabout shooting. The light was ominous, the mood and color held an intense sense of winter. I spent a little time in Plymouth, then nearly two hours each walking about Manchester and Willimantic—making well over 400 captures in the process—then began the hour and a half drive home from Willimantic just ahead rush hour, as the skies got really dark and the temperatures plummeted. The results have been feeding the blog ever since, and I've done some 11x14-ish trial prints that I think are really persuasive. There's a forecast for similar conditions coming up over the weekend, so I hope to expand this into something along the lines of a, "Winter Light in Central Connecticut," series.

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