Friday, January 31, 2014

Special Offer, 107 Drive-in Theaters

The Skyline, Barstow, California, 2012

Time for an Experiment.

There will be a special print offer here through the month of February. Any picture from my "107 Drive-ins" web gallery will be available as a 9" print on letter-size paper for $66. This is less than half the gallery price for my digital prints.

I have several thoughts in mind here, aside from hoping to stir up a bit of cash flow. I'd like to keep up some awareness about the drive-in theater project as I work on the design, text, and production planning for, "The Book." Also it would be nice to have more fine prints from the project out in the world.

Even though I'm as susceptible as anyone to the allure of a big print, I've also always really liked small, hold-it-in-your-hand photographs. Plus they can be offered for an affordable price, and are easy to ship, even internationally.

The Comanche, Buena Vista, Colorado, 2012

I'll make the prints with my Epson 3880, on exhibition fiber paper.  Epson "Signature Worthy" Ultra Premium Photo Paper Luster.* I think that Epson's Advanced Black & White driver allows for wonderful digital monochrome prints. So another reason you might want to get one or more of these could be to see what I think a really good small monochrome print from a digital capture looks like.

To order, I've set up a link over in the sidebar that will take you to a page at my web site with a feedback link. Use that to order, identifying the picture with its number from the 107 theaters gallery, include "107 DI" in the subject line, let me know whether you'll pay by check or PayPal, and include your postal address for shipping.

*When I began to print orders on EFP, I found the media—this batch at least—riddled with tiny surface defects that interfere with ink adhesion. This "flaking" was a common problem with cotton matte 'fine art' papers in the early days of high-end inkjet printing, but I haven't encountered it in many years. I've made hundreds of prints from letter-size to A3 over the past year with the 3880 on UPL (is Epson having a contest with Ilford for silly, over-elaborate paper names?) and have never spotted a single defect. So I'm trashing the EFP prints and remaking on luster.


Taken For Granted said...

Carl, I would love to order a print, but your DI 107 link sends me to set up a new mail account, not to your e-mail address. How do I send you an e-mail without your address?

Carl said...

Thanks for letting me know--it was working yesterday, I'll go try to fix it.

Carl said...

Hmm, I just went in from Tina's computer (so not recognized by the site) and the link at the ordering page went straight to a new email addressed to me. Don't know why the link acts weird for you.

Could you take a second to click on my web site in the sidebar, then on the Workshops page, and on the email link there? I know that's been working right.

If all else fails, try

Sorry for the weirdness.

Carl said...

More weirdness! Comments appears to have refused to relay the address I typed in the last note. Lets try again, ""