Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Manchester, Connecticut


richardplondon said...

Tried to turn it into an A - too late, too late (grin).

I still have a dictionary (Concise Oxford) which was given to me when aged about twelve (me, not the dictionary). As seemed like a good idea at the time, I titled it a second time in felt pen, onto the page edges of the closed book opposite to the spine, so that I could identify it from either side. Only I wrote "CONSICE... " before I realised. Correcting it just highlighted the error, leaving it alone was not an option.

I still cringe inwardly whenever I come across it. Forty years have passed, but still - on that, of all books!

James Weekes said...

That is about as pure an expression of New England winter light that I have seen in a long while. The perfect color, and cold feeling.

Carl Weese said...

This very dark and storm-threatening day was one of the few in recent weeks that the conditions were good enough to shoot—temperature slightly above freezing, and so on. I got a lot of material that I really like and have been posting here. Still in the deep freeze here but Friday and the weekend have a forecast of similar conditions so I hope to continue this winter light series.

Markus said...

The light definitely is fabulous, and additionally this image caters to my obsession of color images with only a small number of colors.