Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Couple More Drive-ins

 Mendon, Massachusetts

Monday evening was the first run of the drive-in project road show, a slideshow/presentation based on my long term project on drive-in theaters all across the US. The presentation at the Langely-Adams Library in Groveland, MA, had a nice crowd in the small conference area. On Tuesday we scouted out two drive-in theaters that I hadn't looked at before. In all the effort to reach theaters thousands of miles away, I've overlooked some of the few that remain here in New England.

Leicester, Massachusetts


scott kirkpatrick said...

Skowhegen, ME! Lovely and popular (in the warmer months).

Ed said...

Do you know about the Mansfield Drive In and Marketplace on CT-32, just a little north of Willimantic? I've driven by it many times and assumed you must have photographed it at some time. It seems to be very active. Also, I found there's an abandoned drive-in on CT-32 in Unscasville. I don't know how accessible the property is however.

Carl Weese said...

Thanks, Ed, I have both of them. I expect the Uncasville property is less accessible than it was when I shot there in 2007.

scott kirkpatrick said...

Do you know if the Skowhegan Maine DI made the step up to digital and is still thriving? It's a little far away, but two or three years ago was thriving in midsummer. It's on a hillside, so not as likely a place to have a flea market to use the space during the weekdays.

Carl Weese said...

They appear to be up and running:

But they may not have converted yet. A few current releases seem to be available still, probably very limited quantity, on film. I think one reason more theaters than I expected have managed the transition is because the studios/distributers relented on the immediate demand for all-digital by 2013. Having more time has let more theaters get through the transition. Some have managed to get the equipment on various lease-to-own plans and continue to fund-raise to pay it off while running the regular operation.