Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Round and About in Torrington and Woodbury

Torrington, Connecticut

The grounds surrounding our house got quite out of control last year, and this spring I had so much allergy trouble I didn't dare try to go at it with my scythe while the stuff was low and soft. Now the bittersweet, forsythia, and horrible wild roses are too grown up to deal with that way. After some online research I decided to try a cordless rechargeable hedge trimmer that claimed to cut anything up to three-quarters of an inch, at just a hundred bucks. After getting it at Lowe's, I did a little bit of walkabout in town before heading home.

The trimmer, which is light weight and has a 22" bar, works exactly as claimed, slicing through anything that will fit in the bar's three-quarter openings. The battery charge lasted only half an hour which is not a surprise since I was going after the worst stuff to see how well it can do. With the scythe for the grassy weeds and this thing for the nasty, woody, invasives, I think I can get the place back under control in a few weeks spending an hour a day on it.

Woodbury, Connecticut

The path around back of the house. The Joe Pie Weed is there on purpose. Everything else, not so much.

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