Friday, September 02, 2016

Rest in Peace

Torrington, Connecticut

This is the side street wall of a currently non-operational corner store about a quarter mile on South Main below the central Five Corners in the middle of town. I'm used to seeing roadside memorials to people, usually young men of course, who've died in car wrecks. When you see one of those, you know exactly what's going on, though with total ignorance of the thoughts and lives of the people involved. Here, I have no idea of what could have happened to Freddie.

Trying to find the best picture of this, it came into my mind to wonder if I was being intrusive. There was no one around to ask what had happened, and I'm not sure how much anyone who might have been around would have wanted to tell an elderly tall blanco about this private thing. But, then, the people who made this improvised memorial must have wanted people to see it, and now it will be seen by a lot of people who would never have encountered it in Torrington. Perhaps a fair enough use of photography.


John said...

Poor Freddie! You think his remains will be sent back to Mexico if Trump get's his way?

Carl Weese said...

Not an immigrant. Born in Brooklyn, Puerto Rican heritage, American all the way. (Another reader turned up his Facebook page.)