Saturday, September 03, 2016

Two Trailers

Torrington, Connecticut

Retired over the road semi-trailers sometimes lead interesting lives. Both of these appear to have been repurposed as storage units. The second even has a door cut into the side with a set of steps for access. I've shot quite a few of these over the years but never thought of them as a collection or series. Thinking I should rummage around in the archives to see how many there are.


scott kirkpatrick said...

Do you also see shipping containers taking on a permanent life? They are probably cheaper and tougher than over-the-road trailers.

Carl Weese said...

Definitely. Years ago I visited a drive-in theater in Virginia and for a moment couldn't figure out what the large wall blocking out the site was made from, then realized they were standard shipping containers piled several layers high. Plus, here in CT, there's an "outsider art" gallery in a repurposed container in the parking lot of a car restoration/fabrication business.