Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Into the Woods

Litchfield, Connecticut

For the next several weeks I have a Leica M Monochrom camera on loan, curtesy of the Penumbra Foundation, where I'll be teaching a modified version of my "digital platinum" workshop in October, aimed specifically at owners of this camera. This past Sunday I took it to White Memorial Conservation Center in soft, deep, early morning light. The idea was to test the high resolution 24 MP monochrome sensor with highly detailed subject matter, along with some tonal range torture testing. Below is a phone snap of the camera with one of my 30+ year old M Leica lenses and even older TilTall tripod.


Markus said...

Fine, very moody image - motivates me to try that myself again.

I am curious how much difference you find (and at which print size) when comparing images from this platinum-level gear with your usual m43.

Myself I use mainly a pre-loved Sony A7II-Body with my ~ 40years old Pentax lenses, but not so much for image quality reasons (I still did not find the time to do formal tests) but more for the slowing down when working with fully manual lenses.

David said...

A beautiful shot! How does the 3:2 aspect ratio feel after shooting M43?