Saturday, September 08, 2018

WP blog on hold

I’m traveling in connection with my drive-in theater show in Portland, OR. My MacBook went down on the second day out, the display refuses to light up so I can’t even enter a passcode. Several attempts to revive it with magic startup key combinations have failed. One worked once, which I guess means the problem is in connections or software rather than the display itself, but it’s clearly not going to be fixed until I get it to Apple when I return home . I have a borrowed MacBook to run my presentation this afternoon at The Camerawork Gallery. Blogger is proving almost impossible to operate from my iPhone and I can’t access new pictures from my cameras anyway, so there won’t be any more  posts here until the computer is fixed or replaced. I will be putting up some iPhone posts on Instagram/Facebook feeds in the meantime..

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Martina said...

I hope you have fun and enjoy the time there, nevertheless!