Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dark Day, I

Torrington, Connecticut


Edd Fuller said...

Carl, I am a big fan of your large format work, particularly the "white churches" and of course the drive-ins. But Working Pictures has been a real inspiration to me over the past couple of years because of pictures like this one. This work of yours has helped me see the photographic possibilites in common day to day places and things. And I thank you for that.

Carl said...

Thanks Edd, glad you've found the work helpful. I began the work that turned into my two blogs a few years ago partly as an antidote to exclusively shooting large format. The "expense" of large format can be stultifying. It's not just the price of the film, but even more the time needed to develop it. Enthusiastic shooting is followed by hours and hours in the dark, shuffling eight sheets at a time through the chemicals. All that time is an opportunity cost—it's time you're not out looking for new pictures. So it's hard not to start shooting only "sure things." Digital capture is a nice corrective to that.

James Parker said...

Carl, I dropped in to thank you for providing the reference photo for Every Photo Tells A Story. I wrote a touching poem, which I hope does your photo justice. I have been browsing your blogs and your work is fascinating. I am a follower now, and will be back to visit often.