Wednesday, July 21, 2010

WP Supplemental: The Tire Store

Watertown, Connecticut

Early this morning Brunhilde got herself a pair of brand new tires in anticipation of upcoming road trips.


Anonymous said...

Carl, is it correct to assume this is your "truck"?

Carl Weese said...


Yes, this is the vehicle in question when I mention my truck. She's a 1997 full size Chevy pickup, with a high-back Leer cap over the cargo area. Since I drove her, brand new, off the lot she's delivered 236,600 or so miles of performance with only one major repair, though of course quite a lot of maintenance. She's a two-wheel drive highway rig with tall gearing, so unlike SUVs or cowboy trucks, despite the enormous cargo capacity her lifetime gas mileage is just barely under 20 mpg, not the 12 associated with the infamous SUVs. She can carry all of my large and ultra-large format equipment cases with room left over for me to use an inflatable mattress and sleeping bag to avoid motel bills when traveling cross country. Which we will do again soon.

Baby needed new shoes!


Anonymous said...

20 mpg, equalling 12l/100km as we would calculate it, certainly is good for such a large vehicle. And I have to admit that such a pickup for a long time was high on the list of cars I regarded as cool.

Martina said...


Carl Weese said...


Family tradition to name vehicles. My father called cars Ford or Plymouth until they had gone 50,000 miles, at which point they were dubbed "Petunia."

Like ships, automobiles just seem to need female names. My musical taste runs mainly to the classical, including opera, including Wagner, and an 18 foot long boss truck with a classic cast-iron V8 engine at her heart just seemed comfortable with the name of a warrior princess daughter of the gods. What can I say?

Martina said...

LOL - very appropriate: brun = ahd. brunni corslet and hilde = ahd. hiltja battle ;-)