Sunday, April 10, 2011

Elvis & Marilyn

Kingston, New York

The advantage of being able to put up pictures on blogs is the ease with which you make them accessible to other people. The disadvantage is that on-screen presentation is so much less expressive than a good print. There's also the problem of size. Sometimes a picture just wants to be a bigger presentation than a blog post offers. As a print gets up into the 20 or 24-inch range, the whole picture can be read from a little distance, and then interesting details revealed just by moving closer.


Here's another view of Broadway Joe's, later in the afternoon. As always, you can get a little bit better view of a large file by clicking on any of the pictures. Use your browser back button to return.

Kingston, New York


Martina said...

The second photo with the guy waiting is much more "meaningful" to me than the first one. It's about my theory of "context" perhaps: I see most of the things in relation to other things. And the white Elvis and white Marilyn (in every aspect of "white") are intensified by the waiting man. Does this make sense? ;-)

Regarding the size of photographs in blogs: it's a problem to me, too. Many photos don't get posted because they look horrible in the small format (mostly the ones with much information, i.e. bits). With the other ones I trust my visitors to click on them. But this has a second side, a positive one, perhaps: I look at many photography blogs and can browse relatively fast and only click on the ones that arouse my interest. Nothing more unnerving than a blog where the photographs take ages to load, building up line by line.
But who knows what I am missing with this kind of approach?

Carl Weese said...

"And the white Elvis and white Marilyn (in every aspect of "white") are intensified by the waiting man. Does this make sense? ;-)"

Yes, of course it makes sense. I'm not sure what he could be waiting for either. He was there, just out of the picture, on the shot around noon, and he was still there, leaning on another side of the building, three hours later when I finished my walkabout and made this picture just before driving home.

As an aside, I find that "across the street" shots just about never work, and have to remind myself not to do them. But, this time, it worked.

ed g. said...

Oh, that second one really grabs me. A visual haiku.