Friday, April 01, 2011

Willows, First Sign of Spring

Huntsville, Connecticut

The forecasts are for the season's final—maybe—snowstorm overnight. But yesterday I saw this sign of spring, willows showing yellow in the heavy overcast light with other trees beginning to bud out red behind them.


Markus Spring said...

This image I enjoy very much, Carl. Both the subtlety of the colors as well as the structure of the branches and twigs is appealing, I could imagine it makes an attractive print.

It also challenges me, I usually struggle hard to get the right framing with this kind of subject. Checking the exif data, I found that you used a really long lens (in comparison to what I know from your work), which I had guessed but wanted to proof. So I take it as a hint to dust my long zoom, which has seen only minimal exercise the last year.

Carl said...

Markus, glad you like it, thanks. You are right that I used a much longer lens than usual. While I almost always prefer to work with short lenses, close to the subject, I have a soft spot for this sort of picture, where the narrow view and flattened perspective makes for almost a tapestry effect. But a little goes a long way. A nice change of pace, but no matter how attractive a picture like this can be, I think a whole group of them--a show or portfolio of pictures like this--would quickly become repetitive and boring. For the blog, a few of these posted each spring is probably about right.