Monday, July 11, 2011


Bristol, Connecticut

This is getting ridiculous. Is it possible that this is some sort of slow motion performance art project? Bristol is small city about twenty miles southwest of the state capital, with a population of 61,353. Is it conceivable that any single one of those people is in the market for a pre-fab concrete restroom?

OK, no, it's a real company with a real website, real products, not performance art. Plus, I recognize the design of the restroom as one that they've had some success with, since I've seen it in quite a few places in Connecticut. Are they trying to do "image recognition advertising"? As in, you've seen our lovely restroom on the top of Thomaston Dam, so don't you think you'd want us to do *your* next industrial-strength concrete fabrication project? But I can't quite see how any of their other products are of any more interest to commuters looking at billboards than the restrooms are. Just as when I was actively involved in the advertising business, Outdoor Advertising was a whole 'nother world.

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Mike Mundy said...

The Cathy Gibson billboard is also very nice.