Friday, July 01, 2011


Ansonia, Connecticut


typingtalker said...


Martina said...

LOL - and I hear Tina laughing out loud about your enthusiasm. I'll put a "Weeds for Carl" photo on scrappress I think ... :-P

James Weekes said...

It's a strange thing. I moved down here to Florida 17 years ago after 22 years in VT. I love to garden and I have always had a soft spot for weed. They're tough and resilient. The two weeds I miss the most are Queen Anne's lace and Sumac, which are the weeds in your picture. I have been able to sow Queen Anne's lace here and it grows quite happily. But Sumac won't work. I miss the leaf pattern ans the glorious red the leaves turn in Autumn.

I guess one man's weeds are another one's treat.


Carl Weese said...

James, I'm not knowledgeable about gardening but we have some friends who are very involved and I think the weed definition is changing. Gardens with all sorts of decorative grasses and things like Queen Anne's Lace and Joe Pie Weed (we have a bunch of that and I carefully try to make it propagate each fall because I think it looks spectacular) are being utilized by professional gardeners as parts of planned gardens.