Friday, July 15, 2011


Ansonia, Connecticut


Don and Sher said...

I tried to comment and the I got an email rejecting it that the post office couldn't deliver it or some nonsense.

I has said these small storefronts seen their days in the 40's-60's we have some nice ones in Hudson Falls and Ft.Edward area, you should come up and check it out and do some images.

Carl said...

Just checked MapQuest for Hudson Falls: I bet there are a lot of buildings from this era there and in the surrounding towns, not to mention Saratoga Springs a little ways south.

As it happens we were just this afternoon in Hudson, NY, because we'd heard that there has been a big revival of the town center with a lively art gallery scene. This proved to be true, and there are several galleries Tina and I may want to talk with.

Don and Sher said...

Yes Hudson is nice my wife and I went down there last summer and did some shooting down by the riverfront and railroad.