Monday, April 16, 2012

Chairs, Plus a Blog Note

New York, New York

The word continues to spread about my Kickstarter project on The American Drive-in Theater. This morning Fast Company's Co.Design web site did a feature on the project:

The writer did a nice job of editing our email interview, and they asked for files much larger than you see here or at almost any web site so it might be fun to view the presentation on a really big monitor.


Martina said...

Tweeted? Done!
Pinned? Done!
google+'ed? Done!

Only the big monitor has to wait until tomorrow when I am back at the office ;-)

Carl Weese said...

Thank you, Martina. :-)

Markus Spring said...

That almost-absence of colors is very, very fine.

Carl Weese said...

Markus, it was in fact the amazing "natural monochrome" of the subject in early morning light that first attracted me. The next step was to find a place to stand where the chairs, and that security guard in the background, made an interesting arrangement.