Friday, October 05, 2012

Artist's Talk

Plattsburg, New York

Last Saturday we were able to get to the opening reception and artist talk for a show of paintings by Harry Orlyk, at the Burke Gallery, Plattsburgh State University of NY. Tina has been aware of his work since the 1980s and was delighted to actually meet him, as well as see a large selection of his recent paintings. Harry has, for over thirty years, made at least one painting, done outdoors, "en plein aire" every day. Fascinating work.

We had been planning to meet up with Tina's French cousin, who was visiting Canada, near Quebec on Sunday, so it worked out perfectly to catch Harry's opening, spend the night in northern Vermont, then spend all Sunday morning exploring the beautiful land between there and Quebec. What we found when we arrived Sunday afternoon was simply amazing, and will be the subject of some upcoming posts.


Dennis said...

This is only way I could think to pass this along. Check it out.

Mark lives in the Adirondacks.

Carl Weese said...

Thanks. That one is near the Hunter Mountain ski area. I photographed it some years ago. It appears not to have deteriorated much, but certainly hasn't been revived. There's another derelict DI, also with a name that's some variation on "Mountain," not too far away near Liberty, NY.