Friday, October 26, 2012

Sunrise at the Sunset

Shelby, North Carolina

I wasn't disappointed, the theater was fantastic in morning light. However daylight savings time is a real drag. The sun didn't officially rise until something like 7:38. I was nearly ready for a second breakfast by then. The 7x17" film take on the scene, and the digital captures, are both promising.

A friend told me that Georgia (not that far away) has autumn for two hours. If you're inside, you'll miss it. From Georgia through both South and North Carolina, I seem to be getting more than my fair share of those two hours.

Shelby, North Carolina


gb hill said...

I pass by this drive inn quite often in my big truck. Ther is another drive inn on the Bessemer City Kings Mountain rd. Not far from where you took this. I've only passed by it once. Hwy 161 I think.

Carl said...

Thanks, gb, I shot at the Bessemer/King city the next day. Current posting is down because we still don't have power restored at the house and I'm just checking in from the town Library's WiFi.