Thursday, October 18, 2012

In a Different Light (with Weeds!)

Ruskin, Florida

I've been simply fascinated by the blazing Florida sunlight during the first half of my week in Ruskin, but yesterday it stayed overcast all day long, which put these now-familiar surroundings literally in a whole new light.

Ruskin, Florida


DerekL said...

Florida full sunlight can be... interesting to photograph in.

Carl said...

Just doing some view camera demonstrations in full sun today as part of the residency was...interesting.

Martina said...

Nice to see some Weese Weeds again.
Do you know what building this is in the background of the first photo? I can't make any sense of the cylindric concrete pieces.

Carl said...

Martina, this is on a spit of land jutting out into Tampa Bay, with magnificent views on a clear day. My guess is that it was going to be a fancy beach house, perhaps exotic/unique design, but construction was halted by the economic downturns of recent years, which have hit this area hard.