Friday, January 11, 2013


Shelby, North Carolina


Martina said...

Open mouth. One tooth left.

Carl Weese said...

Ha! I didn't see the mouth. Sometimes the strangest things make a picture seem to work. Here I love the sagging roof beam (that at first looks like lens distortion) while the low wall that supports it is perfectly level. Are the support poles on one side sinking into their foundations?

Martina said...

And I was wondering if I was trying too hard - to make connections. ;-)

The interesting thing, that makes it difficult for the eye to find the "right" perspective, is the sloped ramp I think.
The eye wants rectangularity.
So my eye slides over the concrete in the foreground, up the slope, hesitates for a second to decipher the words and then gets drawn into the mouth - just in time to not get crushed by the sagging roof beam.