Saturday, January 05, 2013

Reading the Paper, plus Blog Notes

Newberry, South Carolina

Thursday I'd been printing up a storm and Tina and I had tracked & packed a lot of the mid-level Reward packages, prints and calendars, for the Drive-in Theater Kickstarter project. I was making my final decisions on exactly how I wanted to print the 11x14 portfolios when the Z3200 suddenly stopped at the beginning of a print, spit out the strip of paper, and announced for the first time in the nearly three years I've had it that one of the six double-ink printheads has to be replaced. This isn't a catastrophe—HP designs the printheads to be a relatively inexpensive user-replaceable consumable. The operation isn't much more complicated than replacing an ink cartridge. But, unlike ink carts, I don't have a set of replacement printheads sitting in the file cabinet. You also don't get Z3200 consumables in rural Connecticut. So web order to B&H, but it won't arrive until Monday afternoon so all operations have ground to a halt and I have an unwanted weekend off from the job of finishing Rewards fulfillment.

One thing I'll do is finish my "for the blog" edit of the "off topic" pictures from October's Southern Loop of the DI theater project. Still have quite a bit of promising material from North and South Carolina.

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