Sunday, January 27, 2013


Torrington, Connecticut

I've walked past this place quite a few times over the years. The vehicles in the yard keep changing, but I've never once seen a person in the yard or lights on inside the building. Weird.

I was eight when the Oldsmobile was new, and it looks so familiar that I suspect some family along the half-mile long dead-end street in New Jersey where I grew up must have had a nearly identical car. Just can't quite bring up an image of which driveway it was in.


Scott Kirkpatrick said...

I can still tell you exactly which year all the Chevrolets were from the 50's but not Oldsmobiles. I first thought this might be a '55, since the two-tone boundary looks like the one on the '55 Chevvy, but a little Googling shows that you are right. This grille shows up in '56 but the distinctive rear lines are '57 ('55 and '56 don't look so clean). Nice car. Does it look like it runs? Did you ever own one?

Carl said...

I cheated: the post title is what's on the plaque in the front license plate frame. I didn't go around back to see if there's a current plate, but it certainly looks as though it might run.