Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Strange Building

Newberry, South Carolina

I'm really curious about the history and purpose of this odd building, but there was nobody around to ask.


Profligatographer said...

If you have the GPS data, you can use the Web to learn the address (Google Maps) then the county assessor site to learn more (age, owner, and so forth).

If you don't have the GPS numbers, you can go directly to the satellite view in Google Maps and use your memory to locate the building.

Personally, I just enjoy the graphic elements of the building: the oversized awning like a big-brimmed hat pulled low over the eyes, the metal chimney like a cigarette dangling from the side of a mouth, and the stepped roofline like an old pomaded hairstyle.

Carl said...

It's got a lot of character, easy to anthropomorphize. Good thought of getting an ID through a satellite view and online real estate records. I don't record GPS coordinates while doing walkabout, too distracting to do manually, though I do use the car GPS to find out what "town" I'm in when I stop to shoot something out in the countryside.

Martina said...

It's clearly a camouflaged submarine.

Carl said...


Martina said...

Lt. Werner: What's going on? Why are we diving?
2nd Lieutenant: Hydrophone check.


John Flores said...

My bet is Dairy Queen

Carl said...

John, I see what you mean, though I've never encountered a DQ with such a large building behind the storefront. Must be 100 feet deep.