Sunday, March 30, 2014

April WP66 Print Offer

Houston, MO

Time for another WP66 print offer.  It was nice to get some prints from the drive-in project out into the world in February, so this time I want to do something similar with a completely different set of pictures.

Wilson, KS

On the six-week western leg of the 2012 Giant Road trip for my drive-in theater project, I thought it was important not to simply push through from one theater to the next. I wanted to really look at—which for me means photograph—the places I was driving through, many of them areas I'd never been before.

Chickasha, OK

Looking for all sorts of subject matter other than the theaters, everywhere I went, was also meant to help me keep seeing each new theater with fresh eyes, to find whatever might be special about the structures and settings. I think this helped.

O'Brien, TX

Later in 2012 when I spent a week at The Firehouse Cultural Center in Ruskin, FL, as visiting artist, we did an exhibit with a group of about thirty prints—a tight edit from this set of "Off Topic" pictures. The whole group can be viewed at this web gallery on my site, at this LINK. All the pictures in the web gallery are part of the April print offer.

Wilbur Springs, CA

The set includes the sort of subjects I typically show here on Working Pictures, but this time drawn from a trip that took me across the center of the country, through the Southwest, up the whole length of the West Coast from San Diego to Port Townsend, through Utah and back across the Colorado Rockies.

The offer is the same as last time: a 9-inch wide print on letter size Epson 'Signature' luster paper, but this time they are drawn from this set of color pictures. Each print is $66. You can order by sending an email, to carl[at],* identifying the picture with the file number you'll find under each selected image when viewing the web gallery, linked above. Indicate whether you will use PayPal or send a check, and include your postal address for shipping. I hope the pictures of these places will prove interesting, and of course you might simply like to see what I think a good digital color print should look like.

Tutuilla, OR

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*replace [at] with the @ symbol—posting an email in clear brings on the spam bots


James Weekes said...

Hi Carl,
The prints arrived yesterday and they are lovely!! It really helps me to see a good print when I'm working on my own files. Your prints have a lovely clarity that I strive for, and, as we use the same family of cameras I can soldier on. The prints will be on the wall soon.
Thank you,
Jim Weekes

Carl Weese said...

I'm delighted you enjoy the prints.

As for useful, this may be of some interest. My mentor who-never-got-paid-to-teach-me, David Vestal, always advocated using 'just enough' control in the photographic process.

For me with digital capture, this of course means shooting RAW. Then, no file is ever OK out of the box, but no file that needs heroic efforts to deal with it in software is probably any good to start with. David said, if you can't get a good print after two or three tries, move on to a better picture. "Good pictures are easy to print."

Both of the files for your prints got small adjustments in ACR—almost all the sliders but in really small amounts, to get what I wanted on my calibrated monitor. But that's it. No work in Photoshop itself. I ran a batch action on the RAW files to size and output-sharpen for a 9" print from the Epson 3880, then sent those files to the printer.

ACR, and batch actions, are the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Do just enough to make it work, nothing more. That's the key.--Carl