Thursday, March 20, 2014


Manchester, Connecticut

I've always gravitated to morning light, but I had really good luck last Saturday in the evening light around Manchester after the first day of my workshop at PhotoSynthesis. This Saturday I'll be in New York teaching our first Digital Platinum group workshop at The Center for Alternative Photography. If I'm not totally blown out after the day's teaching, maybe I'll have some good evening light in the Big Apple.

There's a note written in felt pen on the brick above the pipe on the left, that says, "Put cap on tight." The right hand pipe has a label with printing on it, but I can't make it out at 100% view—the letters are smaller than the pixels. When I'm shooting like this, I'm so oriented on seeing pictures that I don't think in terms of individual details, or remember that those details could be interesting in providing a non-visual context for the picture. In other words, it didn't occur to me to go read the label.

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