Monday, March 24, 2014

Blogger Upload Errors, Ideas?

This is a file posted here recently. 

This is what Blogger makes of another file shot and prepared in exactly the same way. Everything the same in production of the JPEG. Same PS batch action to create the blog post file. Crazy brown, and dark.

So, to see if it's something at my end, I did a full restart of my imaging computer. Launched PS, and manually took the file through the steps to prepare it for posting to the blog, not using my batch action. The result is the same (please don't tell me it looks pretty good, nothing wrong with a warm print—the point is that it's wildly off from what I uploaded).

About a week ago I was unable to make a post that used a color photo because it uploaded in a ruined state. Like this. In that case too, files from the same shoot processed through the same batch action—no changes at my end—worked fine, with just one file failing to process correctly through whatever Blogger does to make the post.

Anyone else encounter this? Ideas what's happening under the Blogger hood?

Recommendations for another place to publish my blog?

I don't have time for this.


ed g. said...

So I googled "blogger photo upload wrong color" (without the quotes), and git a bunch of results similar to this:
which suggests that if you are on Google+ you can turn off "auto-enhance" and "auto-awesome" which routinely screw up photos. (Thanks, Google!) If you don't have a Google_ account, it seems you need to create one to change the setting (THANKS, GOOGLE!)

Or, you can upload the photos to another photo host and just use an img tag pointing at that version. (That's what I do on my blog.)

Have you noticed that whenever a web service uses the word "awesome" about anything photo-related, they mean "we're deliberately screwing it up"?

Markus said...

Zero cost solutions with infinite space are rare, among them blogger is certainly the very best.

But T.O.P. switched years ago from blogger as for zero cost you get zero professional support. Of course there are helpful google groups, but your key sentence "I don't have time for this" is incompatible with the idea of peer support in user groups. certainly is a professional solution, but for your amount of posts and images it comes at a price, transferring the posts is a major pita and on top you'll lose your domain name.

What I did when I was still on blogger was to host my images on flickr and manually write the image tags in my blogposts. Doable, but not comfortable, and it needs some html knowledge.

So there is more probably no other solution but grit your teeth and consult the newsgroups and re-try, maybe even create a test blog for bug-hunting only.

Juha Haataja said...

Maybe this is due to Google+ auto enhance:

"When you add new photos, Auto Enhance makes subtle adjustments (like removing red-eye and improving lighting) to help them look great."

I have turned this feature off...