Monday, March 10, 2014

Upcoming Workshops

This coming weekend I will be teaching my "Introduction to Platinum" workshop at a new (to me) venue in central Connecticut. We'll be making new 5x7-inch negatives and printing them in Pt/Pd at PhotoSynthesis, in Manchester, which is a few minutes east of the state capital, Hartford. Here's a link to the course description. There is one space left as of this afternoon.

Then, the following weekend, there will be a new workshop at my usual venue, the Center for Alternative Photography in NYC. This will be "Digital Platinum." The same idea, but instead of beginning with film, we'll work from digital capture (students can also bring 16-bit grayscale scans from existing work). No experience with platinum printing is required, but a good familiarity with Photoshop is highly recommended. As always, making a platinum print is an incredibly direct and straightforward process. Making the digital negative involves black magic, smoke, and digital mirrors. There are a couple spaces left.


Neil Partridge said...

Looks like an amazing course.... if only it was on my side of the Atlantic! Any chance of a UK course? Also, if you get chance please could you write a post detailing the Photoshop experience needed to get the most from the course that would be great. My Photoshop skills are very rusty... I hardly ever seem to leave Lightroom these days!

Carl said...

Neil, Lightroom experience probably counts. I plan to open it up and look around before the workshop because I'm sure students will want to know. Access to the simple Levels adjustment layer control is important, as is direct access to some of the arcane special controls in the Epson print driver. I don't use LR because I find the interface annoying. I like to teach Bridge->ACR->PS because you see exactly what ACR is doing. ACR is doing all the work on RAW captures in LR, but it's "under the hood." If you like the LR interface, a little time directly in ACR may clarify some of what's going on. Maybe someday I'll get converted to using LR.

UK course? Anything's possible. But wow, I'm teaching at a new-to-me venue this weekend, the traditional, from film, course. It's taken almost all of today to prepare all the stuff I need. Plus, in this damn weather I can't pack the car (lots of liquids) until morning, which means doing it in the dark because they've begun blasted Daylight Savings Time already! OK, I'm grumpy today ;-(