Monday, December 22, 2014

St. Winifred

Hudson, New York

"High above the river, on the west side of Front Street, is Promenade Hill. Designed by the Proprietors in 1785 as a public space, it still provides a bird’s-eye view of the site where Henry Hudson first dropped anchor in September 1609. According to Historic Hudson, the Promenade is one of the earliest examples in the U.S. of a park area established for the viewing of scenic vistas. In addition to its spectacular view, the Promenade is also known as the home of St. Winifred, at 12-foot bronze statue by the sculptor George E. Bissell, commissioned by and donated to the city by General William De Peyster in 1896." (LINK)

Not only was the light wintry on the day before the winter Solstice, it was bone-chillingly cold. A few degrees below freezing with high humidity seems much more uncomfortable than colder, dryer conditions. But the view is quite something here.

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