Thursday, December 11, 2014

Someone is Watching

Waterbury, Connecticut

Surveillance cameras aren't just becoming ubiquitous, they're often ostentatious. People sometimes put burglar alarm warning stickers on their houses or cars, without actually having an alarm system, as a deterrent. When security cameras could be inconspicuous, but instead are made glaringly obvious, similar thinking may be at work. Never mind the revolution, everything is being televised.


richardplondon said...

...and one of the most suspicion-raising things you can do as a photographer, is to take photos of that surveillance equipment!

I had to smile recently, at a video clip where a line of closed-circuit cameras installed along the platform of a suburban train station here, so as to allow it to be run unattended by human staff, filmed their own thefts - systematically, one by one - until the last survivor's signal cut off.

Carl said...

Poetic justice...