Saturday, December 13, 2014

Snaps from This Morning's Printing

Woodbury, Connecticut

Marking out the coating area on a sheet. I recall that back when I coated with tubes all the time, I just marked the two ends with a short line, but as I relearn the hand-skill with different materials I find seeing the whole area is helpful.

Not too bad. Platine with mandatory Tween in the solution doesn't seem to care whether you use a glass or acrylic tube. Other papers do.

The Tru-Vu, Delta, Colorado, in the first clearing bath.

The Basin Drive-in, Mount Pleasant, Utah, getting its initial five minute warm water rinse.

Two minutes to go washing the print of The Silver Moon Drive-in, Lakeland, Florida, while a panorama sheet is getting dried with room temperature/humidity air in my old film dryer.

The Jesup, Georgia, theater, into the first clearing bath.

Finishing. After my mandatory walk, spent the afternoon scanning several other 7x17 negatives and outputting digital negatives to print tomorrow.

If anyone is interested, the snaps were made with a Lumix GX7 and 17mm f/1.8 Olympus lens, at ISO 3200, under the compact flouo lamps I've installed in the room, which do not produce enough UV to cause any fogging problems, as standard tubes do.

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