Monday, March 23, 2015

Floyd-Davidson Post 126

Buena Vista, Virginia

Another unseasonably cold February morning at the edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The free-standing "marquee" for VFW post announcements struck me as quite unusual. It also reminds me of the roadside marquees used by many drive-in theaters. The solid brick structures contrast with another corrugated metal building. These aren't unheard of in New England, but they certainly are more common as you travel south. They're probably more useful in the milder the climate.


lyle said...

So much going on in this photograph. The brick on the right informs the sign, but the corrugated metal building kinda wakes up the senses - what is that doing there? the circular signs on the 'marquee' looking back thru/by us. also, I seem to remember back in my early b&w printing days, being told that you don't need a lot of zone 8/9, just a bit to anchor the print. I wonder in color printing if an 'opposite' color does the same thing? (y=R+G). the yellow sign is a counterpoint to the buildings, but also 'continues' the walkway on the right into the background (kinda like a "don't forget about me").

Carl Weese said...

Thanks for the observations. I think there are several warm/cool color contrasts going on here with the sky and distant mountains' blue tone balancing against the warm brick of the building and marquee. Then the yellow pedestrian sign helps draw you down the sidewalk into the blue distance. The mostly-worn-off blue paint on the ramp railing does the same thing, other way round, seen against the warm brick color.