Wednesday, March 18, 2015

(Not) Shot on iPhone 6

New York, New York

Whenever I spend any time in New York, I'm struck by the sheer volume of advertising everywhere. Where I live, in a rural community about 100 miles north of mid-town Manhattan, there are no billboards to be seen, few posters, maybe a small sandwich board by the sidewalk near town hall reminding citizens to vote, or pay taxes, or get your flu shots. Someone may staple a letter-size tag sale announcement to a utility pole. Woodbury is known as the antique capital of Connecticut, but the scores of small shops all have subdued, modest signs out front. By contrast, looking for pictures in New York, I find advertising has to be taken as an integral part of the urban landscape. Any picture of an area bigger than a few square feet at street level is going to contain advertisements.

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