Thursday, June 07, 2018

More from the Woods

Litchfield, Connecticut

Two more pictures from Sunday morning at White Memorial Conservation Center. Also made with the loaner M-Monochrom and my 35mm Summicron which dates back to the mid-80s. I've given them a bit of split tone treatment in Adobe Camera Raw to make the web files look a little more like the platinum/palladium prints I'll eventually make from the most successful pictures. Even with a 30+ year old, pre-asphereical lens, the resolution of the 24 MP monochrome sensor is impressive. Since I'm used to working with a 16 MP, Bayer array, M-4/3s camera for my digital capture work, the 100% view of these files on-screen is astounding.  Scrolling all the way out to the corners does show up some resolution falloff with the old lens. It would be interesting to compare to an up to date aspherical version of the 35 'cron.


Scott Kirkpatrick said...

Carl, when pixel-peeping, I've looked at what I can see in 24 MPx with both the 28 and 35 asph Summiluxes (stopped down to reasonable levels, of course), and it seems the newer the design the sharper the detail. So the 28, which is 10 years newer than the 35, is a winner for detail, if that is what you are going for. For brightness in the middle tones as well. Regardless of whether the lens is a 1.4, 2.0 or 2.8, I suspect the 28's have been refreshed more recently and brought to a higher level than the 35s. The 28/2.8 asph is particularly nice as well as tiny and pleasant to use.

lyle said...

Very Nice!! How is it using a rangefinder design v. what you are used to with the Pany?