Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Demonstration in Woodbury (part one)

Woodbury, Connecticut

One of the web sites listing protest marches and demonstrations this past weekend showed an event at the North Green two miles from our house, at 3:00 PM Sunday. Woodbury (Wiki entry) has a population of just under 10,000 spread out over 36 square miles. The population is over 97% white and it is politically bright 'red' although there is an active minority Democratic party.

By 3:00 there were at least a hundred demonstrators lining up along the Rt. 6 frontage of the Green, all wearing masks and carrying home made signs. By 3:20 there were over two hundred demonstrators. Almost all were white. The organizers of the event were a small group of college freshman women who had gotten the event listed online.

There were people of all age groups: students, young families, middle aged couples, and lots of representatives of my septuagenarian and older demographic. Clearly not all old folks here support Trump or follow Fox News.

Click on any picture to see them all in a much larger and more legible view.

Even more surprising than the turnout was the response of the drivers going up and down Main Street. At least two thirds, maybe more, of the cars responded by blowing horns, waving, even holding supportive signs out the passenger side windows.

A man driving a brand-new looking Ferrari enthusiastically blew his horn. Two guys on Harleys rev'd up their engines—a traditional biker salute much more impressive than a motorcycle's horn.

More to come at noon.

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