Wednesday, June 03, 2020


Torrington, Connecticut

I've been experimenting with 'Zines again, adding three more magazine publication projects to the set available as either hardcopy/epub or epub-only from MagCloud—click the link over in the sidebar to see the set. For each project you can see a preview—front and back covers plus opening spread, which has the explanatory text for the project.

One of them revisits the first serious personal work I did using color digital capture. They're from 2004-2006, many of them pictures I made in West Virginia and Virginia on trips for my large format b&w project on drive-in theaters, and trips in connection with a gallery show in Richmond, VA.

Another shows the set of pictures I made during a week as Artist in Residence at The Firehouse Cultural Center in Ruskin, FL, in 2012.

The third new release is a big set of pictures that I made over the course of several years, "Off Topic" while spending weekends in Manhattan to teach Pt/Pd workshops at The Penumbra Foundation. Street shooting in digital color in the off hours around the weekend workshop.

Many of the pictures have appeared here on the blog (which I began in 2006). In our semi-lockdown times, I'm enjoying the exercise of sequencing these pictures for the publication, turning them into a kind of narrative, instead of single stand-alone photographs.

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