Friday, June 26, 2020

Uncontested Divorce...395.00

Atlanta, Georgia

A hundred dollars extra for complications.


Unknown said...

Hi Carl,

You may not remember me. Bill Marsh. We met in Blacksburg, VA, when you were on a drive-in theater journey. I showed you my platinum prints. Good to see you are still at it, with a bigger camera, no less.

Saw this, and thought of you:

Be safe.


Carl Weese said...

Hi Bill. I remember meeting with you in a parking lot at Tech. I was down there to photograph the Starlite DI in Christiansburg, and visiting an old friend with a farm in Eggleston. As I recall you were doing sculpture as well as photography.

Unknown said...

Yes, that's me. I like your new work. They have an emptiness reminiscent of the drive-in photos. Are you still doing platinum? What is that big camera you are with in your photos?

I'm mostly doing sculpture now. Photographic materials have become so expensive, not to mention the price of platinum/palladium.

Hope you are doing well, Carl.

Stay safe in your travels.