Monday, November 17, 2008

Mt. Jewett, Pennsylvania

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Right at the edge of the Allegheny National Forest, Mt. Jewett, PA, looks to have once been a bustling town with native industry and tourist trade. But now it's nearly a ghost town, with not one storefront in three occupied.


rmauk said...

Carl, It looks like you are enjoying you swing through western PA. Saturday, Nov 15 I had breakfast at the truckstop across from the Adult center in Brookville. I too pondered the sign situated in the parking lot.

The Route 66 Dinor in Marienville is one of my favorite dining spots when visiting the "North Country."

Carl Weese said...

Rick, it's a fascinating area, especially where the roads loop in and out of the national/state forest areas. I had limited time on this trip but really want to get back to several of the towns for much more extensive shooting.