Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wysox, Pennsylvania


Crosses like these, not directly attached to a church or shrine, not explained by any sort of plaque or legend, are rare in New England. They're much more commonly seen throughout the Southeast. Sometimes a single large cross, sometimes the group of three. Recently I spotted quite a few in central PA. I don't know whether that distribution is static or if it's a growing phenomenon spreading northward.

Mahaffey, Pennsylvania


Anonymous said...

Very bizarre. (Is the U.S. in a new morning of religion?)

Anonymous said...

A cross showed up on 72rd St in NYC last week. The note next to it was lamenting about a stolen bicycle. Could be a trend??

Carl Weese said...

A bicycle? It's common to see them around here as part of an impromptu shrine at the scene of car crashes. But the ones with no explanation, no markings, seem to have a specific geographical distribution. But I don't know the origin...a specific sect? I don't know.