Monday, November 03, 2008

West Burlington, Pennsylvania

Church and State

Perhaps there are several ways to think of this. The admirably brief text of the sign seems to advocate prayer as informative prelude to voting. Seems to me though that for a lot of people looking toward tomorrow's electoral exercise, the order might be reversed. They'll be voting, and then praying that their votes are counted accurately—good luck with those touch screen voting machines—and that it somehow comes out right.

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Markus Spring said...

Carl, your words very well express my hopes for the United States - and I also support your opinion about that voting machines. In Germany the Federal Constitutional Court has to decide about their future usage. In my eyes democracy needs the possibility to be controlled by all citizens.
So let's wait for tomorrow morning and see if the polls were right or if secret resentments maybe took over and made the voters change their mind.