Saturday, February 06, 2010

Brick Wall, II

Turners Falls, Massachusetts

It seems to me that I find pictures in fits and starts, never as a steady stream. I can go to an unfamiliar area and carefully look at town after town but find nothing I want to photograph. Then one more town, and I can't seem to turn my head without finding a new picture. Over the past couple of weeks I've posted a number of pictures from Turners Falls, MA. They all came from a forty-five minute walkabout on a cold, storm-threatened Sunday morning, killing time before a meeting to hand off a set of prints to a gallery director. A little later I found that the larger town of Greenfield was nearly as productive photographically. Some of those have showed up here already and there are more to come.

Part of it of course is the pre-storm light. I love the light you get at the edge of severe weather. The only problem was that the snow was coming up directly from the south, meaning that to get home I'd have to drive directly into the approaching storm. That cut my stay much shorter than I would have liked. I certainly want to get back and resume the exploration. Luckily it's only a couple hours away.


Anonymous said...

I truly enjoy looking at your photographs Carl. You have a style that is so different than mine...which is why I like your work so much. Looking at your photos really makes me stretch. I learn so much from seeing something so far outside of my own sandbox. Thanks for sharing! Mike

Carl Weese said...

Thanks, Mike. Maybe the thing about photography is that it's so broad that we can constantly find new understandings in other people's work, and then maybe let that inform our own. It's all learning from each other.