Friday, December 02, 2011

Low Tide, and Blog Notes

Bridgeport, Connecticut

Earlier in the week I happened to reach Seaside Park right at low tide which made for some really interesting patterns along the shoreline. You can see Long Island lying along the horizon. I think these also belong in the "winter light" series.

This blog is going on autopilot for the weekend. I'll be in New York teaching an "Introduction to Platinum" workshop at The Center for Alternative Photography. I have to carry so much workshop-related stuff on the train that there's no room for my MacBook, so I won't do any posting from the road. As usual though, along with workshop activities I'll have a chance to do quite a lot of walking around Manhattan with a digital camera and should have lots of new pictures to begin posting on Monday.

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Ed said...

I also enjoy taking pictures of seascapes. These pictures are wonderful. I would not have guessed that these were taken in Bridgeport. The only parts of Bridgeport I've seen are the areas visible along I-95 that I see during my many trips to NJ. There are some nicer areas.