Saturday, December 17, 2011

Winter Light, VI: Crows, at Toplands Farm

Roxbury, Connecticut


Rich Gift Of Lins said...

I really like your winter light series Carl. I can completely relate to what you are noticing and recording. I too enjoy enjoy the softer nuances of light and shade on the countryside (or urban scenes as your last post in the series), not because it offers photographic opportunities, but because it's just so good to witness it with one's eyes and mind. I suspect that whether, consciously or otherwise that is a part of what you are seeking to portray in this series through the use of your camera as opposed to being purely an academic exercise.

Carl Weese said...

Colin, partly what's going on is that I've never especially liked this time of year, and have in the past sort of dismissed winter light as ugly. So I've decided that attitude is limiting and I should make an effort to find something to like about the winter light. I don't know how successful an experiment it will be overall but I don't think it's doing badly to begin with.

Jeff Kott said...

Good one!