Monday, December 19, 2011

Shelton is Hilly

Shelton, Connecticut


Scott Kirkpatrick said...

Wow! That's only the second telephoto shot I've ever seen you post. I bought a copy of the other a few years back, which was a city scene on a rainy day, also showing a street descending and curving, with a bridge in the middle. Do you remember where that was? Has the telephoto lens been with you all this time, but unused?


Carl Weese said...

Scott, there have been a few other long lens shots, and yes, the option has been available but I seldom use it. The picture you mention was made in Naugatuck, which is about 15 miles or so north of Shelton, both in the Naugatuck River Valley.

When I use a longer lens it's not for "the reach" but for the compressed perspective effect. But a little of this goes a long way--I think it gets repetitive and boring quickly--so I do it sparingly.