Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Blog Notes

From Green River, Utah, where the Motel 6 WiFi didn't work. I'm checking in from a restaurant before heading east. Lots of pictures to catch up with but it's too awkward to work on blog posts here so maybe I'll catch things up this evening. Nearing the end of the DI theaters with three in Colorado that I hope to find in their mountain settings without interference from the wildfires. Smoke was filling the sky at one of the theaters I shot yesterday with large fires right nearby. Spectacular drive through the mountains and then the badlands to get to Green River yesterday. Hope to get in some "other" subject shooting on today's drive.


John said...

Check your charter e-mail!

Carl Weese said...

John, having trouble getting email out to you, but I need to get out of Colorado and away from the fires to move east. Don't know yet what route will work, will be figuring it out tonight after shooting.

John said...

If you take I80, take a break when you get to Lincoln. I'm about 5 minutes off I-80 using the main downtown exit. Let my phone# in the e-mail.